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Do you need Ayurveda?

In its simplest form, Ayurveda is characterised as the science of life.

Basically, Ayurveda is an ancient system that guides individuals on how to live their best lives.

It is connected to the practice of yoga since both can trace their origins in India, and both have been practiced for just as long.

Many alternative healing practices including acupuncture, aromatherapy, color therapy and Reiki, have their foundations and roots in Ayurvedic medicine.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, the body gives signals that point towards the state of your health. All in all, Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic approach that aims to harmonize the soul, mind, and body so that the individual can live optimally.

Do I need Ayurveda?

The good news is that Ayurveda is for everyone.

Whether you are suffering from an illness or are looking to stop a bad habit, Ayurvedic medicine can help.

The approach to wellness in Ayurvedic medicine is simple; that diseases must be prevented before they have a chance to take control.

The key to preventing yourself from getting sick is to listen to the signals given by your body because when the scales start to tip, it should be a sign that your system is out of balance. By listening to the signals our bodies give us is our opportunity to detoxify or take action so that the balance can be restored.

There are plenty of ways that the body signals that you need to make a change. You know that you need Ayurveda when:

You Start Comparing Yourself To Others.

Ayurveda teaches that individuals are unique in every way, shape, and form. Therefore, because we are all different, Ayurveda also encourages people to approach how they live, grow or heal in the same manner. This means that another person’s diet, career or lifestyle choice may not necessarily work for you and it is important to recognize this and accept it.

When You Are Unhealthy

“As within, so without.” Ayurveda believes that our healing starts from within us.

Ayurveda believes your body is supposed to be healthy in its natural state. The healthy state is achieved when you and your environment are balanced and at peace.

When your environment is out of balance, you will start to experience things that set you back such as depression, obesity, addiction, anxiety or stress.

Imbalance takes a long time to take hold so if you recognize it early it is easier to get help and be successful in treating the condition.

When You Have Issues with sleeping.

In Ayurveda, sleep styles are divided into 3 groups:


Vata sleepers are sleepers who are light sleepers and they seem to always have thoughts running through there heads and have trouble switching off.

Vata sleepers will have issues such as  Insomnia, falling asleep, staying asleep and sleepwalking.

Vata sleepers get about 5-7 hours of sleep.


Pita Sleepers are pretty good sleepers. If they do wake up at night that’s no problem because they fall back asleep pretty quickly.

Pita sleepers usually get a second burst of energy around 9-10 pm, they may crave food at around 10 pm and tend to have vivid dreams a lot.

Pita sleepers usually sleep between 6-8 hours. however, they can suffer from insomnia and have those intense dreams that wake you up.


Kapha sleepers are the best at sleeping, they show us all how it’s done.

They fall asleep and stay asleep and not even a bomb going off could wake them.

They sleep for 8 plus hours easily. Luckily for kapha, they don’t have any sleep issues except for maybe to much sleep. 😉

When Your Hair And Skin Tell You.

Your body is a great indicator of whats going on inside you. For example, if your tongue isn’t smooth and pinkish red then we got issues going on. When you see your tongue is covered in thick white stuff it’s a good time to detox as this can be a sign of toxins in the body.

As for your skin if you get breakouts, rashes, dryness or anything that doesn’t seem “normal” don’t push it aside. It’s your body speaking to you and begging you to detox as it can’t deal with the toxins inside you.

If you feel drawn to Ayurveda I definitely recommend you find a practitioner and give their treatments a try. I will definitely write more about it as I learn or find a professional on the subject to do so.

You Matter You Know <3





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