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How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Pet

Do you know how to spiritually cleanse your pet? …Did you realise that they absorb negativity more then we do?

Lets face it, there are always going to be people in our lives that are going to be toxic, draining, negative or jealous, it doesn’t matter how nice we are or how well we bubble ourselves there will be those few that leak through.

But did you realise that these people’s energies, the ones that effect us also affect our pets as well. Our pets are much more sensitive then us when it comes to picking up energy.

Like humans pet get symptoms that conventional and medical methods just can not seem to diagnose. When this happens this could be a sign that something on a energetic level is going on, so it only makes sense that when we do a cleansing or a healing on ourselves, that we do one on our pets as well. So next time your getting sage on, you might want to try one of the below on your pet:

1.Pet Reiki:

Animal Reiki works exactly the same way as it does on us humans. The healer sources the healing energy from a higher source and using their hands as a funnel, sends the healing energy to where it is required on your animal/pet. Reiki can help all kinds of conditions and behaviours such as relieving pain, stress, anxiety alongside clearing their aura.

2.Solfeggio Frequencies:

Solfeggio frequencies are in a class of their own. Depending on what is required ultimately depends on which frequency is needed. For cleansing and removing negativity I would go 417hz, but you can do whatever you feel is for you and your pet. I love sound healing it’s something I can listen to and have going as background music and the family doesn’t even notice, they just get the healing. 😉


With literally thousands of crystals out there, it can get overwhelming which ones to chose from. For the sake of keeping it nice and simple I have listed a variety of them that I personally feel would benefit in clearing negativity from your pet.

Black Onyx:

This is one of the most popular crystals when it comes to protecting against psychic attacks and unwanted spiritual energies.


This crystal is the equivalent to sage. Although, be mindful as Selenite does dissolve and breakdown when it’s wet.


Jet will help release the negativity and attachments and also is a very effective in cutting any etheric cords that need to be cut. (yes animals need the cords cut as well)


Amethyst is another amazing crystal that among many healing properties, it also serves to remove and protect from negative energy.


This crystal opens up and clears the chakras for healing and once again to protect from negative energies


This little beauty will work hard on cleansing and keeping your beloved animal free from any more negativity symptoms. It is also great because it sends the negative vibe back to the sender.

Smoky Quartz:
Will absorb any spiritual activity from ,on and around your pet. 

Tigers eye:
Tigers eye will help your pet if they suffer with anxiety. 

This crystal assists with your pets temperament

Snowflake obsidian:
Releases energy blockages and also protects

Note: Be mindful when using crystals as we don’t want our pets swallowing them. You may want to place them under their bed, sew them onto a pillow or a blanket, or you could even tie them in a little pouch and tie it to their collar.

 4 .Himalayan Salt:

Himalayan salt is amazing for removing negative energies, add some to your pets bath, it is also super easy to do and it’s very effective. All you need to do is add a couple of tablespoons into a nice warm bath and wipe them down.

5 .Prayer:

Turn your worry into a prayer, you can use a prayer alone or you can use a prayer to reinforceother method. It doesn’t have to be complicated just something short and simple is fine: it’s the intention that metters.

I call on all  Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to come to (pet/animals name) and wrap your wings around and shine your healing light through them and remove all negativity from their mind, body and soul and replace it with all positivity, love and healing. Thank you, Amen, Blessed Be and So it is.”

 6.Sage soap/Wash:

Another easy way is to wash your pet in sage soap or wash, sage is fantastic but as an incense you might find it will irate the animal, so using in a wash or by using a energy cleansing aura way is simple, effective and wont traumatise the animal

These are just a few ideas or ways that I have written about. First and foremost, if your not sure about anything please go and seek professional advice. These suggestions in this article are in no way or intention to replace professional medical advice.

If you enjoyed reading How to spiritually cleanse your pet please feel free to share with family and friends.

By You Matter You Know 

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