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How To Spot a Gas Lighter In the Spiritual Industry

Let’s ruffle some feathers a little bit and speak about the spiritual industry, psychics, healers and so forth…

Fortunate for us a collective, the area of spirituality and personal growth has come so far. Unfortunately, there are still some, who take advantage of people when in their most vulnerable state. I have had a lot of clients coming to me this year who have almost shied away from their spiritual path simply because of gas-lighters in the industry or people leading them astray within their spiritual growth. I call these “damage control readings”, because of the psychological damage and emotion that I work through with the client due to a psychic or healer instilling fear and uncertainty within people for money!

Gaslighting for those unfamiliar with the term in a spiritual sense is using one’s abilities to see the vulnerabilities or even create vulnerabilities not even there, for only personal gain. Be it power, money, feelings of significance or a following to name but a few. Sowing seeds of doubt within sessions or connection time that leave you feeling insecure, unsure, afraid or uncertain about yourself or your life.

If I can offer any guidance to anyone who is delving into their spiritual journey, looking to get healing sessions, seeking psychic or mediumship guidance, please, please follow your gut instincts. If something feels off, that is because it probably is!

Us as spiritual mentors, psychics, and healers commit to a high standard of ethics, training, and responsibility for each and every person we work with. Our sessions are always 100% about empowering people and offering them a resolution to their challenges or troubles. Leaving them feeling clarity after any connection or reading. Not having a client questioning things, feeling uncertain or worst of all, questioning themselves or things in their life.

So how to know to know if you have come across the right psychic, healer or mentor for you? Here are some tips…..

1. Do you resonate with them? 

This is more than just listening to them. This is checking in with yourself and your gut and feeling it. Is what they speak about, ringing true to you or does something not sit right? Is how they deliver messages coming from a space of light and love? If you find yourself questioning things, know it is okay to walk away. A true spiritual healer will be understanding if you are transparent and honest when you give thank you but say it does not resonate. They will not push you, try change your mind, or charge you!

2. Do they know what they are doing? 

Especially when it comes to spiritual healers. Having the proper training is imperative! When we work with one’s energy, it is on a deeply personal and spiritual level. Your health can be affected in a strong way if your healer is not properly trained. They may not know where to transfer the energy of a healing, they may be transmuting energy in the wrong way, and so much more. ALWAYS ask where your healers have trained and about their professional experience level. Again, use your gut here!

3. Are they praying on your vulnerabilities for personal gain?

Are they quick to point out flaws, weak points, or instill new beliefs of a negative nature? Scaring you into believing something about yourself or your life? Check in and ask, “How does this make me feel?” If it is dis-empowered and uncertain, choose to walk away!

4. If someone approaches you, speaks of danger and instills fear and then wants to charge to remove or look into it!

This speaks for itself, yet at times of feeling vulnerable or scared, people are blindsided.

Please know, you will not resonate with every psychic/healer as they will not with every single person either. It is ALWAYS best to be open and honest on both ends. Showing a mutual respect for one another.

For me as a professional and even just my core values as a human being, my aim is to empower everyone i meet. I am blessed to have these abilities to use to help offer that foresight. I always offer resolution in my readings, helping them then and there to see things in a way that have them knowing they are in complete control. Because not everything we as psychics see is set in stone! That is what makes readings so empowering. They offer you insight so you can make decisions to change the course if that is what you feel you need to do.Please, please use your gut and intuition! Because your gut knows what your head has not yet seen!

By Kiandra Vadas

Founder and Owner of The Explore Dream Discover center


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