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Random thoughts or messages from my guides?

Random thoughts or messages from my guides?

In today’s society, we are very rarely present.

We have a whole world of information at our fingertips with the internet on our computers and our phones, music through our wireless headsets and thousands of forms of visual media. It seems like we are always tuned in to something.

As such, we experience an overload of information which we absorb either consciously or unconsciously.

So when we are hearing these voices and thoughts in our minds, are they simply the remnants of something that we have heard earlier in our lives, or are they our spirit guides trying to tell us something?

Spirit guides are assigned to us from the day we come to earth, and they stay with us for the rest of our earth-bound lives.

We have many and they come and choose to work with us throughout our lives, especially during times of turmoil and difficulty.

These spirit guides were once humans living in human bodies, and so they have already experienced life on earth and learned it’s lessons.

They now live in the spirit world, guiding us here on earth, protecting and supporting us.

We all have the ability to hear them, and they can interact with us in different ways – one way is through thoughts in our mind.

It is important to be able to distinguish between this mental mind chatter and true perceptive information from your spirit guides. If you do not do this, you can end up dismissing these true messages as random thoughts as you try to make a ‘logical’ explanation for them.

These messages are sent to you for a reason, so you must listen to them.

Here are three ways to understand whether your messages are random thoughts, or from your guides.

No Ego:

The messages from your guides will be without judgment. They will be messages that are direct and helpful – for example, a message of love and support, or some valuable information with insight and perception that you can use.

A message will never tell you that you cannot do something or that you are not good enough – this instead is your own self-doubt and random thoughts.

Short and Sweet:

True messages will be in short sentences. The information and ideas that are sent to you will be well-formed and intelligent, they will not be ambiguous, long-winded sentences.

When going through a difficult time, if you have a lot of questions that need to be answered you can receive these in succinct ways from your spirit guide.

In contrast, your own random thoughts will be long-winded and confusing, filling your mind with thoughts of ‘what if’ and clouding your awareness. Ignore these, and focus instead on the short, complete thoughts.

Divine Timing:

Spirit guides are so in-tune with you and they know when you need reassurance. So, when you hear the right information at the right time, you may dismiss this as a coincidence.

However, it is no accident that you are receiving the right messages at the right time.

Your random thoughts are there all the time, a constant running commentary, but your guides are relevant, focused and significant.

Sum It Up:

In general, messages from our spirits come at the right time, with the right information and in short, coherent messages.

They are life lessons that are there when we need them, messages that are aware of everything in our lives and are able to provide a different perception and foresight into our situations.

So listen to the important information, block out the rambling, nagging doubts and take heed of the advice that your spirit guide is giving you.

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