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What Is The Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye is a powerful chakra, and when it is open you will experience body-to-soul discussions about your place in the universe and where you are heading.

However, it can be confusing to understand what is a vision and what is not. To understand this, we must look at what the third-eye chakra is, how we can access it and what a vision feels like.

 What is the third eye chakra?

The third-eye chakra is the sixth chakra. It is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and is the center of intuition and instinct.

This chakra is often also referred to as the Brow Chakra, Bhru Madhya, Ajna Chakra or Dvidak Padma. Aside from the third-eye, the most common name is Ajna, which is Sanskrit for ‘command’ or ‘perceive’.

Within Yogic metaphysics, the Ajna is where we come to transcend duality.

Rather than being a person who is separate from the world and independent from the universe, we become free of this time-bound consciousness.

we become folded into a super consciousness, where we are able to tune in to the other realms and perceptions.

The Ajna is most commonly represented by the colors of purple and violet.  These colors take on a light, almost transcluent apperaence when they are representing the Ajna aura. with the soft glow of these colors, it reminds us of the soft glow of moonlight.

The symbol which represents the Ajna is the lotus flower.

The third-eye chakra helps us to receive the subtleties of reality. It gives us visions, intuition and connects us to wisdom and insight. With our third-eye open, we can perceive other dimensions and force s of energy, and gain access to mystical states.

What power does the Ajna chakra hold?

The Ajna takes us beyond this physical realm and opens up other ways of seeing and receiving the subtleties of the universe.

Through this we can have visions and instinct, foreseeing events before they unfold as either feelings or visualizations.

What does a vision feel like?

As we become connected to a different way of seeing and perceiving, the visions are difficult to describe and relate to anything else.

They may appear blurry, cloudy or dream-like and we may feel more deeply as we become able to experience the intangible.

However, they may also play out very clearly, like a movie or a memory.

How do I know if this is a vision or my imagination?

You must train your mind to use your Ajna. If you do not develop the ability to use your Ajna, then you will not know whether your experiences are dreams, imagination or visions.

If you have been meditating with purpose and focusing on opening your Ajna, you may be confused when you start experiencing visions as you wonder if you really are accessing your third eye.

The Ajna is undoubtedly real, and anybody can access the ability to sense and feel the universe if they have a strong sense of both self and mindfulness.

Signs to be aware of:

There are some ways to tell if your third eye is opening. When you Ajna is open or opening, you will see the colors around you more brightly. This may start subtly and faintly until you realize that the colors that surround you have undergone this change. You may also see the luminescent purples of the Ajna when meditating.

You will also feel a dull sensation of pressure on the Ajna, the space between your eyebrows where they would meet.

It may feel like a light touch or a spreading or warmth, and it can either be something that appears from nowhere or something that stays with you throughout the day. Also, it is common to have headaches when your third-eye is open as you are taking in more energy.

Of course, the most obvious sign that your third eye is open, but also the sign that you may be questioning, is your increase in foresight.

You will know things before they happen, or know whether something is right or wrong.

This guidance can come and go without warning and is a feeling or sense that can grow stronger as the powers of your Ajna grow.

How can I open my third-eye?

Just as there are ways to tell if your third-eye is open, there are also ways to help your third-eye to open.

As it is a process that puts us in tune with the universe, we must be in tune with the world in which we physically exist.

Increase your water intake, walk outside in nature for at least thirty minutes of every day, and meditate outside on the grass or natural ground.

It also helps to stay away from sugar and dairy as they can interfere with our mind and body.

Engage in creative activities such as art, photography and memory games, and dress in the colors of the Ajna.

Be mindful – of yourself and your senses, and let go of any limitations that you are holding on to.

Hopefully, this helps you to engage your third-eye, and distinguish between your imagination and your visions. With your third-eye open, you will have a great state of mindfulness, envisioning a better life and focusing on what you need to do to reach your full potential. Trust in yourself and your third eye, and listen to your intuition. You are receiving these messages for a reason!

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