Do You Know About This Spiritual No No?

Its great to see when people discover their spiritual side, develop their gifts and  realize they can give so much with it.
They want to explore it further and they want to teach what they have learned, and help others both human and spirit with what they have learned.

That’s great to see!

Unfortunately, there is a but.. several in fact.
For the newbies discovering the spiritual side, it can all be exciting, and it can fill them with wanting to “spread” what they now know and have learned.
And then you hit a brick wall when you find that not everyone is as open as you to the new things you have discovered.
How frustrating when you try to explain what it is, but they make you feel like you belong in a funny farm!

Get used to that!

You are going to find some people are open to spiritual discussions, and some will think you are a fruit loop.

The fact of the matter is that some are just not meant to be involved, or want to know about the things you do in this lifetime. .. This is something you need to get used to. These people can include family and close friends.
You don’t need to try and spread the word or change the world with your new abilities and knowledge.
Those that need to connect with you, will find you, or through circumstances, and you will find them.
Like attracts like, need attracts help.
Your gift is amazing and you just need to remember that you don’t have to expose your gift to everyone.
 The fact of the matter is, as you know, we are all “spiritual beings leading a material/human life experience”. It is easy to forget when we get so enthusiastic, so fixated on the new gifts that we discover.
There are a time and a place for everything, a reason, a season.
And its great thing to be blessed with a gift in any area, be it healing, readings, spirit communication etc, but it can become frustrating when one only gets a “little bit” and not the whole story.
That does cause a fixation to try and understand the full story of what one is “getting”.
The thing is, When you get a gift, often the gift is for you just to “give” and not for you to understand in some cases.
Especially if you are using a gift to deliver something to someone.
It may not be important for you to understand, it may be just for the person you give it to, to ‘connect” with, and not you.
Remember, you are just the go-between, the messenger sometimes, so release frustration when you yourself don’t understand, just give it and release it.
You find most readers release their readings once they are done, they won’t remember most of what they gave if you asked them the next day.
They just release, get on with their lives, or the next thing they need to work with.

It is all great developing gifts and being able to “give” from them, but there are a time and a place.

We have lives to lead, experiences to have, things we can grow, learn, experience from in material ways.
We can love, travel, have families, be a part of their lives and growth, we have air to breathe, nature to explore, jobs and creativity to focus on.. and our health and well-being concerns.
Its all well and good that one would want to help where they can. But one must not forget about themselves and living this life they are given here.
The spiritual side and material life can and does work wonderfully hand in hand.. when one remembers to try and keep a good balance with both.
Know when to say No, Know when you have to put your life, family life, material concerns first.
When you are in your life “balanced”, you are able to give so much more. Always, You first.
Remember, there is a time and a place.
You don’t have to try and help everyone and fix the world constantly.
Remember there are others who are doing the same as you, in their time and place.. and all these little things add up. Remember not all things you have to fix. It could be for someone else to have an input on, and not you. Remember that you will be drawn to what you need to work on or work with, but don’t sacrifice your balance, your needs in life to do so, the time will become right if its meant to be.
And remember to Live.
…… R.

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