Girlies and The Moon


Girlies and The Moon.

This is a great little article about our menstrual cycle and moon cycles, I really found it intriguing abut the white Moon and Red moon and I hope you do too. Enjoy <3

Did you know that the female menstrual cycle is regulated by the moon? There are ~29.5 days in a lunar month, and the female cycle is roughly 29.5 days.

In our society, many of us have become so disassociated with our body’s innate wisdom and sacred cycles. We’ve even developed shame around puberty, sexuality, and sensuality – causing us to shut down our sacral chakras, which results in many reproductive issues like cysts, endometriosis, and cramping – among other conditions. We’re taught not to talk openly about it, and are told that it’s “gross.” No wonder why so many have reproductive issues!

When you begin to honor your cycle as sacred and natural, is when you begin to heal. Women are naturally lunar/ moon beings, which is why the moon is considered the “yin” of duality.

Did you know there are some women who menstruate with the full moon, and some with the new moon?

Those in sync with the new moon or “White Moon” are linked to fertility and motherhood. 

Those in sync with the full moon or “Red Moon” were associated with priestesses, healers, and shamans.

Personally, I was Red Moon and decided to change it to White Moon (with my mind only – I have great control over my physical body), and then decided to switch it back.

You can get naturally in sync by removing hormonal contraceptives, and by removing blackout curtains where you sleep – so your body becomes aware of the moon’s phase.

By Amethyst Luna Rose

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