Mirrors placed in the right areas such as opposite doors can reflect negative energies entering from outside your house back out.
But if placed not facing doorways it may reflect any energies to bounce around the room and create an unbalance of energy causing our own emotions and vibe to fall flat.
Bathroom mirrors tend to be an exception probably because there are periodic times when water is running, and water, as we know, does drain away negative energy.


Mirrors are great for practicing to see your aura or etheric energy.
To practice this use a good size mirror, in a semi or darkened room with perhaps a candle or two lit next to the mirror or placed somewhere behind you but more to the side so its flame is not seen in the mirror reflection.
Stand gazing into the mirror without blinking too much, focus on an area just to the side of your face. let your eyes go a little out of focus.
Some people like to focus at the tip of their nose or third eye area, so experiment which works best for you.
After a little time, you may see a slight haze from around your head/body. It will form about a centimeter to an inch away from and around your body.
This is your etheric, the main core of the spirit energy you are seeing.
With practice from here, you may see another haze layer extending much further out from your body. This is your aura.
With continued practice over time, you may with intent, begin to see “colors” form within the auric area.
From here you can practice training your eyes to see, and your feelings to sense, the auric colors and energy of other people you know or meet during your daily life.
Once you begin to see or feel colors you can look into what the color meanings are and how they have meaning or affect the person/body.


As above light, a couple of candles and in a darkened or semi-darkened room stand in front of the mirror.
Ask with the highest love and light intent for one of your guides to step forward and form their face in the mirror for you.
Again focus to the side of your face, or the tip of nose/third eye area (whatever works for you, and ask your guide to form a picture of their face over yours, or to the side of your face.
If you are lucky with practice you may find your face slightly morphing into a slight image of one of your guides, or you may see a faint image of your guide in the background.
It’s quite an experience when it first happens so don’t show fear as you will break the link.
With practice, you may strengthen their impression. While you do, try to ‘feel” all you can about the guide. In this way, you develop knowing the feel of the guide when they are around in your daily life, and you get to know what they are about for.


As we all know, every house in existence has its fair share of lost souls and other spirit energies that drift through daily.
Sometimes while practicing with mirror scrying a curious lost soul drifting through may be seen or felt while practicing mirror scrying for the aura or for guides.
You will feel the difference if the spirit is a lost soul or other energy. The energy will feel cool/cold, flat, neutral or if the energy is not very nice you certainly will get the cold chills.
For the most part, lost souls are nothing to worry about, and again it is part of your abilities and the energy of the mirror to be able to occasionally sense or see them. it is another curious energy ability the mirror can bring.
If however, an energy does not feel right in any way… break away from the mirror immediately, turn the light on, cleanse the mirror with a sage smudge, or a strong incense stick or salt water.
Incidentally, your passed loved ones may if you are lucky to show themselves or make themselves felt through mirror scrying


Many mediums over the centuries have used mirrors like crystal balls, and water scrying, through which they have focused their intent on looking into the future.
I can’t say I have ever done this, but know it is possible. So If you are intending to work this area do look into how to do this safely before trying.


When you practice any of these things, it is highly advised you begin the right way.
NEVER attempt any form of scrying if your health is poor or your emotions are not balanced.
ALWAYS use a sage smudge or cleanse the mirror first with pure rock salt or Himalayan salt water, or use a good protective and cleansing incense stick to smudge the mirror.
ASK your guides and angelic energies (even if you don’t know them) to protect and guide your practice session.
KEEP your intent to the practice strong and pure, and ask for only spirit energies that come for a love and light purpose to be present.
CLOSE OFF buy giving thanks for what has been received.
CLEANSE the mirror and room with sage or whatever you use for cleansing. You can even use the flame energy of the candle to cleans the energies in the room.
DO a personal grounding and cleansing when done.
Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few sessions to gain anything at all.
Remember to give thanks for anything received at all, this is appreciated and enhances your guides energy to work stronger with you next time.
Happy practices.. practice in love and light intent and you can’t go to far wrong. Remember id f something does not feel right, break off and cleans the mirror and yourself. Never continue anything if it does not feel right.
Keep safe and many blessings .. Rick APS.

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