If you are reading this site, then you have a spiritual side – but do you also have a passion for writing? We are looking for more writers to contribute to the articles on this site, so if this sounds like you, get in touch! Your writing will not only help others who are looking for advice on their own spiritual journeys, but also reach thousands of visitors each month.


All of our writers receive full credit for their work, and also have the opportunity to have their writer’s bio and/or website published within the article. If you do not want to use your real name, you can of course be published either anonymously or with a pseudonym.


Are you interested in submitting an article? If so, here are my guidelines on how to write for YOU MATTER YOU KNOW.


10 Submission Guidelines


  • Be familiar with our content! The articles should be inline with one of our thirteen categories. There is so much you could write about, so consider which category your work will best fit in to.
  • Be yourself. We want our articles to come from a place of truth and purpose, and be written in easy, plain English. Do not try to overcomplicate things with difficult vocabulary and confusing structure – write how you would speak, then make it more clean.
  • Grab attention. Use the title and opening paragraph to really reel the readers in.
  • Follow the You Matter You Know mission. Each article should be informative and serve a genuine purpose.
  • Be kind. No discrimination of any kind, on any level.
  • Originality wins. No copied content – ensure that the work is 100% your own and has never been published elsewhere.
  • No sales. You Matter You Know is about connecting and discovering spirituality, not monopolizing on it.
  • Spell Check. Check again, again and again before you send the submission, as mistakes can easily be missed.
  • Send in Word. Please send all work in a Microsoft word (.doc) file, formatted in Times New Roman size 11. Articles should be 500-1000 words.
  • Introduce yourself. If you want to, add a small (approx. 50 words) bio at the beginning or end of the article.

Example Submission


So that you have an idea of what to send, here is an example for you:


What Your Star Signs Reveal About Your Love Life


Intro (100 words)


Paragraph 1 (250 words)

Paragraph 2 (250 words)

Paragraph 3 (250 words)


Conclusion (100 words)


Short Bio (50 words)


The word counts here are examples, but the article should be well balanced in a similar way to this.


The title here is inviting to the audience, and it is also specific for search purposes. Something such as ‘Star Signs’ is far vaguer, and will become lost among the many other articles on the internet.


For the paragraphs, the first paragraph should reveal the main idea of the article, and the following paragraphs explore this. Then wrap everything up in the conclusion.


That’s it! Happy writing, and I look forward to reading your submissions!


Send all submissions to: 


Att: Write for us